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Registered Acupuncturist

Life is busy and before you know it, the symptoms of stress are showing up. When you get overwhelmed, your relationship to yourself and others suffer. I invite you to take this time to look after yourself. Get the space and capacity back for your body and mind to find resiliency and joy again.

At My Rest you will find personalized focused care. I have been in the healing arts for over 20 years. First in Western medicine, then in Eastern medicine practicing Acupuncture and Wholistic Health. My goal is to attune and connect to you, identifying your specific needs. I will listen, discuss, inform, and treat through what we build together. This is a path of service for me, a calling, as well as a business. I sincerely offer up this work for the good of all beings. My Rest, it's where ancient pathways lead to new beginnings.


open concept studio

My Rest is an open concept shared space. There are many benefits to this new protocol. This is a new type of healing space that amplifies the healing energy for you. You feel better faster and you get to stay as long as you need to!


What does Acupuncture treat?



Sciatica, frozen shoulder, back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, upper cross syndrome aka "tech neck".....   and other odd pain sensations in the head, neck, chest, abdomen, or limbs are often due to injured muscles. Injury is usually from a traumatic injury or repetitive strain injury. Muscles or muscle groups become inhibited from firing, resulting in pain.

I do Motor Point Therapy, IMS - Intramuscular Stimulation aka "Dry Needling", and will often apply electrical stimulation to the trigger and/or the motor point of the muscle to reboot & restore its function, relieving you of pain!


Acupuncture can address a wide host of problems. Symptoms of stress like insomnia, digestive issues, headaches and muscle tension. Nervous system dysregulation like anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, are all helped by acupuncture. Chronic issues like Fibromyalgia, addictions, peripheral neuropathy & more respond well to acupuncture.

Bring your stress, bring your pain. 

You will get a customized treatment tailored to your specific needs. 



I can't leave without talking about the opiod crisis.

Physicians are being asked by Health Canada to take a collaborative approach to address this national problem.   A National Pain Strategy is being created to provide doctors with tools and options for pain control in lieu of opiate prescriptions. 

Many studies have been done showing the efficacy of Acupuncture to reduce and often eliminate pain.

Please see the link below for more important information.




Cash and credit cards are accepted on site. Claimable receipts will be emailed to you.

Payment through e-Transfer is also available to Lynn@myrest.ca

Initial Visit


Subsequent Visits




By doing some simple preparations your session at My Rest can be a smooth, seamless, healing experience.


It is best to arrive with a little something on your stomach, not empty nor full.   

On arrival, remove your shoes at the front then make your way in to the treatment room and find a table.

There are boxes under each table in which to store your personal belongings.

I will meet you here. The treatment room is a quiet space for healing.

We are in a safe open shared space where nobody is disrobing.

Thus, it is very important to wear loose comfortable clothing so i can access all of your limbs.

We will speak quietly, discuss your issues, and get started with your treatment.




A treatment at My Rest will be just that,

completely restful and restorative for you.

You stay as long as you need to. 

In addition to acupuncture needles,

I may also use hot stones, moxa,

aromatherapy, cupping, breathwork and meditation.

You and I get to make the plan together.

And please enjoy some medicinal tea at the end

of your treatment in the reception area.



reviews & testimonials


"Lynn is the consummate professional and a genuinely talented healer. I first visited Lynn when I was suffering from extreme seasonal allergies. Each year, since my move to Canada, my eczema had been getting worse and worse. In March/April of each year I would spend weeks struggling with red raw eyes and extreme itchiness. In 2014 my symptoms reached such an aggravated state that I spent three months with red raw eyes, in so much distress I was beside myself. One day a woman came into my work, took one look at me and gave me Lynn’s number, telling me I had to go see her. I have not looked back since. My first visit to Lynn gave me instant relief from the burning itchiness. Three subsequent visits, a week apart, brought about complete relief from symptoms. That was four years ago, since then I haven’t experienced even the slightest issue from seasonal allergies. I go back to Lynn whenever I have any kind of health issue and have always experienced immediate and effective relief from symptoms. I am happy to unreservedly recommend Lynn as the best alternative healer I have been to."


"I started to see Lynn for acupuncture well over 5 years ago looking for an alternative, holistic approach to deal with depression and anxiety. Lynn offered me a welcoming, safe nonjudgmental space where I soon began to feel the benefits of regular treatments. Lynn is a compassionate, experienced and very knowledgeable practitioner who is very passionate about the healing benefits acupuncture can provide.  I have learned through personal experience, and  Lynn's guidance that acupuncture is a powerful and effective way to treat the often debilitating and emotionally painful symptoms of unresolved trauma.  I highly recommend Lynn and wish her all the best in setting up her new practice."

Monika - Registered Nurse, Vancouver BC

“I have suffered sciatica over the years. The last time being nearly three months. It was all I could do to get to the bathroom! I went to see Lynn , she said she had a new method of treating sciatica. I had two sessions, the first one, relieved the pain right away, I felt sore and bruised, but could walk! After the following session the next day, I felt tall and completely pain free, I felt like dancing! It was hard for me to believe that it could be treated so quickly after suffering so long. Thank you Lynn , you are very good at what you do!”



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