"Lynn is the consummate professional and a genuinely talented healer. I first visited Lynn when I was suffering from extreme seasonal allergies. Each year, since my move to Canada, my eczema had been getting worse and worse. In March/April of each year I would spend weeks struggling with red raw eyes and extreme itchiness. In 2014 my symptoms reached such an aggravated state that I spent three months with red raw eyes, in so much distress I was beside myself. One day a woman came into my work, took one look at me and gave me Lynn’s number, telling me I had to go see her. I have not looked back since. My first visit to Lynn gave me instant relief from the burning itchiness. Three subsequent visits, a week apart, brought about complete relief from symptoms. That was four years ago, since then I haven’t experienced even the slightest issue from seasonal allergies. I go back to Lynn whenever I have any kind of health issue and have always experienced immediate and effective relief from symptoms. I am happy to unreservedly recommend Lynn as the best alternative healer I have been to."
"I started to see Lynn for acupuncture well over 5 years ago looking for an alternative, holistic approach to deal with depression and anxiety. Lynn offered me a welcoming, safe nonjudgmental space where I soon began to feel the benefits of regular treatments. Lynn is a compassionate, experienced and very knowledgeable practitioner who is very passionate about the healing benefits acupuncture can provide.  I have learned through personal experience, and  Lynn's guidance that acupuncture is a powerful and effective way to treat the often debilitating and emotionally painful symptoms of unresolved trauma.  I highly recommend Lynn and wish her all the best in setting up her new practice."
Monika - Registered Nurse, Vancouver BC



“I have suffered sciatica over the years. The last time being nearly three months. It was all I could do to get to the bathroom! I went to see Lynn , she said she had a new method of treating sciatica. I had two sessions, the first one, relieved the pain right away, I felt sore and bruised, but could walk! After the following session the next day, I felt tall and completely pain free, I felt like dancing! It was hard for me to believe that it could be treated so quickly after suffering so long. Thank you Lynn , you are very good at what you do!”