Electro-acupuncture and how it works on pain:

Infographic on how Acupuncture can help the Opioid crisis:



Functional motor point inhibition and acupuncture:

Vagus nerve and Gut-Brain-Microbiota-Axis


Acupuncture for back pain:


Acupuncture and Vagus nerve stimulation:


Acupunctures Role in Solving the Opioid Crisis: Epidemic-_Final_September_20_2017.pdf


Acupuncture for chronic pain:


Acupuncture for pain:


Acupuncture treating addiction!po=40.3846


Acupuncture for chronic low-back pain:
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chronic low-back pain: a randomized clinical trial with long-term follow-up. Spine 5:
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Acupuncture for repair of knee cartilage arthritis:


Acupuncture treats overactive bladder:


How to fix the opioid crisis:


NADA protocol for detoxification/addiction:


Acupuncture treats insomnia:


Acupuncture and Migraines:


Acupuncture and menstrual pain:


Electro acupuncture for analgesia:
Xiao-Hong C. Optimal conditions for eliciting maximal electroacupuncture analgesia with
dense-and-disperse mode stimulation. American Journal of Acupuncture 22(1):47-53.